Saturday, September 26, 2009


I mentioned in a prior post that I got a Scor-Pal for my birthday. I wanted this like nothing else! lol Thanks, Tim & Katie! So, anyway...I was needing an odd size box, so I figured out the dimensions I needed, added an inch to each side for scoring, added 1/16 of an inch to the dimensions for the top of the box, cut, score, and wala! Here's what came out of that:

This was for some stationary that I created for my boss' daughter that got married last month. I love this new Scor-Pal! It's going to be my best "pal"!!! I'm already working on some more creations, but I wanted to get this first one up so you could see it.


Little GTO said...

Did you get the mat that goes on top? My Scor-Pal stays on my table and I work on it. The mat is practically indestructable. It has 1/8" markings all over. Great for quick measuring.
My hubbys family is from Phillipsburg, KS. His great grandfather settled there and there has been family members ever since. We live in CA now. Guess you know that! I won the blog candy.
Sharon L
Sharon L

Kristine said...

Hi Helen! This is such a beautiful way to hold stationary! Love the sparkly name :) That's so awesome that you have a Scor-Pal. That's still on my wish list. Hope you're having a great weekend?! We took the girls to play tennis last night. So fun! Trying to find more things to do as a family. Maddy and I don't like fishing and hunting. Carly loves it! (well, hasn't technically gone hunting--just scoping out spots w/ dad) :)