Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh the Places Marci will go

There's a contest going on over at Lala Land Crafts to make anything with their images, other than a card. I LOVE those little Marci's that they have out now so I wanted to do something really cool to showcase how awesome they are to use. I hope you found those little magnetic paper dolls as cute and as fun as I do. I've even created a book to go along with them, so little Marci can go places. Here are the pictures.
As you can see, the extra clothes are magnetic and so is Marci, so they stick together. Magnetic paper is from Hobby Lobby and Office Depot. I've used little scraps of dp to make all the little dresses. The Marci's I've used are: Ballerina Marci, Bed Time Marci, Fancy Marci and Marci with Rose.


Kristine said...

OH These are so DARLING Helen!! LOVE your creativity wiht these... what li'l girl wouldn't LOVE paper dolls?!! I used to have some when I was little. FANTABULOUS JOB!!! A+++++!!!

L said...

Love! Ran across this when searching blogs. love it! i shall follow feel free to check out mine as well.