Monday, May 16, 2011

Cards for Gabby

Happy Monday morning to you! I'm here to ask a favor! My friend's 11 year old niece, Gabby, is having surgery on her back this week for Spina Bifida and I was hoping to maybe get a few cards gathered up to send to her. She's getting 2 rods and a bunch of screws put into her spine to help make it straghter. Gabby's been through a lot, she's had Lukemia and other issues and now this. I know she's very strong and obviously this little girl has a HUGE purpose for being on this earth still! Could you spare a card this week for her? I don't have anything to offer, except my thanks for helping me make this little girl feel special. If you can send her a card, please e-mail me for my address: stampinwithelen at hotmail dot com and if you could pass the word along to others, that would be awesome! Thank you and have a wonderfully blessed day!

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