Saturday, May 7, 2011

Magnetic Marci Paper Dolls

Hy, Y'all! Today I'm sharing a project that I made for the Lala Land Craft challenge, which was to make anything but a card. So, I made this little "Box of Marci's" It's magnetic paper doll Marci's. I've used 4 Marci's: Ballerina Marci, Bed Time Marci, Fancy Marci & Marci with Rose. The magnetic paper came from Hobby Lobby & Office Depot. The clothes are made out of scrap pieces of dp that I had laying around. What do you think?
The outside of the box:
The clothes for all the Marci's:
The Marci's:
Check out myy next post, with more Magnetic Marci stuff!

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Pam Sparks said...

fabulous Helen! I love it! so creative!