Thursday, May 23, 2013

Onesies Iron Ons

I'm so in love with the idea of a monthly photo of little ones where they have a onesie on that says what month they are old! So, I'm making some for a friend who is having a little boy in August. I don't have the onesies yet, but I wanted to share with you the creation that I'm going to put on transfer paper, cause I think they are darling! They are camo! lol And I DID use purple for the boy, because the parents are K-State fans (that is why I counteracted it with lots of blue-for KU! lol)
What do you think?
(not sure what's up with the black background!)
I love designing things like this and I'm thinking of putting them in my Etsy store. Do you think anyone out there would be interested in purchasing either the design or the completed onesies? Just curious if there's a market for any of it. I'll be sure to post a photo of the onesies when I'm done.
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a blessed day!


Amy Johnson said...

Such a cute idea!

Debbie said...

These are so cute!!
I think they'd sell. Cutesy onesies are very popular.

Gina L said...

That is precious! I also think they'd sell, but I'd be inclined to sell them as completed onesies or even bibs. I think there'd be more of a market for finished products, honestly. I love the idea and I think the design is wonderful.

Judy said...

This is a great idea. I'd give it a go.