Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help me decide...

Ok, so I need to make a decision on which new Lala Land Crafts stamp I'm going to get and I'm enlisting YOUR help!

Here's what I need you to do...
1. Go HERE to see all the Lala stamps
2. Leave me a comment with the name of the Lala stamp you think I should get

What's in it for you? Oh, some goodies from my goodie collection, since you've been so kind to help me in my decision making!

I'll keep this open until tomorrow noon (CST), then I'll let you know which one has the most votes and I'll choose a winner from those who selected the winning Lala!

I do already have, or have plans to purchase the following Lala's, so they do not count!
Birthday Lala, Window Lala, Mermaid Lala & Lala with Rose

Have fun and thanks for your help!


Kristine said...

OOOOO... are we only allowed to say ONE??? Cause I have my top 4 in mind! *Ü*

Pumpkin LaLa
Princess Lala
Santa LaLa
Sitting LaLa
OH, and Porsha

Does that narrow it down for you? Oooo, I like Fairy LaLa too--I just think it'd be fun to actually get away with Green or Purple Hair! LOL.

Lovely Linda said...

Hi Helen - I think BUY THEM ALL! LOL! Okay, nice thought - Lala...! Looking forward to seeing what you get!! God bless you! {{{hugs}}}

Randi said...

I like several favs, too but I would choose Princess LaLa. I like the Fairy LaLa ...but Princess LaLa is more realistic!!! ROTFL

Laurie said...

Hi, Helen! I'm voting on Princess Lala or maybe Heart Lala (you know I gotta pick the heart!) In reality, you probably need all of them, don't you? :) Hugs, Laurie

peggysue said...

Well you blew it for me already because I would have chosen mermaid Lala as both my girls had a serious thing for mermaids when they were small, but since you've already chosen that one, I would have to chime in for Princess Lala. Or wait for the Helen bo Belen Lala which surely has to be in development somewhere! :)

Kristine said...

ROTFL!!! Peggysue, You CRACK ME UP!!! Shall I suggest that one to Irina, Hmmm??? Helen bo Belen, that has a nice ring to it! *Ü*