Friday, February 13, 2009

My First Ever

Ok, this blog is going to be dedicated to "first evers" since this is my first blog ever! I'm so excited to be in the world of blogging! So, first evers....
  • What was my first ever car? A Chevy Citation, country blue with a hot pink stripe down the sides and hot pink windshield wipers.
  • What was my first ever crush? probably Ralph Machio, have mercy he was hot in jr. high!
  • My first ever detention giver...Mrs. Dryer. I didn't like her much, so I didn't participate in her class much.
  • My first ever job...other than day cares, Wendy's. I was the salad bar girl.
  • First ever speeding ticket...Ohio-2001, man, that was a bad trip all around!
There are more "first evers" I'm sure, but now I'm going to organize my rubber stamps, since I just had a card making party and everything's out!
Thanks for joining me in my fun "first evers". Let me know your "first evers" and have a wonderful week-end!


Kristine B. said...

YAY, Helen!! You DID it!! Welcome to Blogland :)

My "First Ever" job (after babysitting) was at Dairy Queen...I was the salad bar girl too!! Whaddaya know?! heehee.

**Insider Tip** if ya want a really CUTE blog template, there's a ton of free ones at

Good Luck with this whole blogging thing. Now I can come stalk you regularly! LOL. (jk)

Helen said...

Hi Helen. what a coincident! Your name is Helen and my name is also Helen. You started you blog in February and guess what I also started my website this past February. I am not kidding here is my website and my email Since it's such a nice coincident I'll be checking your blog hope you check mine. My website still need a lot of work so please no comparing.