Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just info...

So, tomorrow I'm headed to St. Louis for a "Major Convention" with the Team/Mona Vie. I am excited to be able to go and get some much needed encouragement!

Before I leave, I wanted to be able to post some pictures of some things I've made recently! I love making things and I can't wait to spend more time making them.

Oh! I have another stamping party coming up on March 21st! I've already got sketches made and a couple of the cards done that we're making. I'll post those soon, too.

Bellas: (Oh, how I love Bella!)

The Bella with all the nubmers on it was my mom's birthday card. FUN!

Fuzzy Monkeys:

Decorated pizza box for baby gift:

My first set for sale:


I hope you enjoyed these!

Thanks for reading about me today and have a wonderful, blessed week-end!



Kristine B. said...

Hi Helen!! These are all AWESOME!! Love all the glitter on them too--I'm such a glitter freak myself! Did you know you can get really cheap stickles in so many colors at I got mine on sale for $1.75 per bottle!! So, you're selling your cards too? Are you selling online, through say ETSY or something? Well, good luck with that! ☺ Hope you had a great weekend.

Sue from Oregon said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!