Friday, August 26, 2011

Question about Cricut

Hey everyone out there in blogger land! I have a question! I have a cricut, just a small one, but I want to be able to use cutting files from other places. Can someone tell me how this can be done? I've heard of "Sure-Cuts-A-Lot" but according to their website, they do not support Cricut machines. What does this mean? Can I still use SCAL with my cricut or can I not use it? HELP! I want to do so much more with my Cricut and I don't want my husband to think he made a mistake in purchasing it because I'm so limited on what I  can do with it! Thanks for any and all comments/help you can give me!
Have a wonderful week-end!


Danni said...

There were two programs available, the Sure Cuts A Lot and Make The Cut but both of these are in lawsuits with ProvoCraft right now, the maker of the Cricut, and therefore, they are not able to sell the software anymore.
I'm not sure that there is a way to use the SVG's without those programs, so sorry.
I know other machines are able to use it but they all seem pretty pricey to me.

Kristine said...

Ya, unfortunately SCAL and MTC were sued by Provocraft and settled so they no longer can make their software available to work with the Cricut. If you purchased the SCAL or MTC before a certain date, you can still use it with the Cricut, but after that date, you will not be able to, as in your case. :( Sorry for that news.

HOWEVER... I'm sure there's GOT to be some kind of software out there that would allow the Cricut to use SVG's with your computer. Maybe you can Google that and find some forums that discuss this issue? I'll try to see what I can find out too.